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FR PET & Special Grades

Flame retardant polyester chips and some special grade polyester chips. To change the molecular structure of polyester by linking to phosphorus element, the polyester acquire the flame retardance..

Antimony-free ( FR ) PET Chips

Antimony is a kind of heavy metal, it is widely ased as catalyst during synthesizing polyester chips. We can produce with antimony free catalyst. And can promise that antimony content detected is less than 1ppm.

Residual antimony in common PET:     200 ppm

Our non-antimony catalyst ( FR ) PET,  antimony content: 1ppm


The end products suitable be made

  • Infant clothing fabrics 

  • Underwear fabrics 

  • Food and drug packaging materials 

  • Filter materials 

  • Non-woven fabrics for facial masks