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FR PET & Special Grades

Flame retardant polyester chips and some special grade polyester chips. To change the molecular structure of polyester by linking to phosphorus element, the polyester acquire the flame retardance..

Cationic Dyeable FR PET Chips

We successfully get cationic dyeable FR polyester by introducing dyeable electronic group ( SO3- ) and phosphorus FR monomer into the molecular chain structure of polyester. 


  • Inherently FR 

  • Easy to dye at atmospheric pressure 

  • High dyeing rate (≥95%) and high color fastness (level 4)

  • Can be dyed with silk and wool in the same bath. 

  • Bright colors and wide chromatograms.

Spec. available:

Phosphorus content: 4500ppm, 5000ppm, 5500ppm, 6500ppm.